1. Is there a GroupnShop app that I can use on my phone?

    There’s one coming very soon. We launched the website first and have formatted it to be smartphone friendly, but it’s not the same as an app. We’ve begun work on the app and plan for it to be available within 5 - 6 weeks. We’ll send you a notification when it’s available.

  2. Considering this is a new website, is there a way for me to provide you with feedback and suggestions?

    Great question! Our success depends on GroupnShop meeting your needs. So, we definitely want to hear your feedback, suggestions and complaints. Please use one of the ways outlined below to reach out to us with your comments and questions.

    1. Use the Feedback page on the drop-down menu below your login on the top banner, or
    2. Use the Chat feature on the bottom right hand side corner of your screen.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  3. What do you mean by prohibited items?

    These are items that are not allowed to be bought, sold or given away on the GroupnShop website or app. Please refer to the Terms of Use section on the site for a complete listing of Prohibited Items. If you have any questions or need clarification please reach out to us using our chat feature on the bottom right hand side corner of your screen.

  4. Why does GroupnShop use Google for signup and login?

    By using Google we are using a trusted social media platform to help youbecome part of a trusted GroupnShop community.
    And for those who don’t want to use Google, we provide easy signup and login using your existing email address.

Buying and Selling

  1. What if I can’t find a group that suits me?

    So you have looked and can’t find a group you like. No worries. You have the control to create your own group(s). You have the option to easily create your own group(s) and start inviting friends and neighbours to join.

  2. What’s the difference between a Quick Post and a Group Post?

    Quick Post andGroup Postare 2 different ways you can advertise items or services for sale or for giveaway. When you click on the Post button near the top of the page, we give you theflexibility to sell or giveaway items however it suits you best.

    Quick Post (or QPost for short) gives you the option to quickly post your item(s) to all users who are members of the GroupnShop community without you having to join a group. For a QPost you set your price, post and start taking offers. When you receive the price you want, you’re able to contact the buyer and arrange for pick-up. And you also have the option to easily give away your free items to the person of your choice.

    Group Post gives you the option to easily post your item for sale to one or more groups that you are part of. Rather than just listing a price and considering offers, Group Posts work on an auction basis. You easily fill in the details of your item, input the minimum price you are willing to accept and the post the item. The bidding begins. All auctions are open for a maximum of 48 hours. During the auction when you receive bids or when 48 hours time has passed you can message the buyer to arrange payment and pick-up. And of course, you can give away items for free on Group Post as well, just like you can on QPost.


  1. Why Rent?

    As an Owner of an item that you use only part of the time, renting that item out using a reputable service like GroupnShop gives you the option to make money while you’re not using the item.

    As a Renter, renting an item instead of purchasing is often cheaper. Renting also gives you an opportunity to try different items/brands of items to see how much you might use it, or if it works the way you expect it to, before you purchase one for yourself.

  2. How do I schedule rental dates?

    It’s easy. After you’ve spotted an item you’re interested in renting, check which dates are available and select the dates you want. If you have any questions about the item or rental, just click the “Contact Owner” button to reach the Owner directly.

  3. How does Delivery and Return of an item work?

    Owners of items have the option to offer to deliver the item to the Renter and to also pick-up the item at the end of the rental. If an Owner offers delivery and return services the fee they charge for that service is indicated on the Rent It post. As the Renter, if you want the Owner to deliver and return the item on your behalf, all you have to do is check the box and the fee for delivery and return will be included in your total Reservation Price.

  4. How does the Damage Deposit work?

    As Members of the GroupnShop community, Renters agree to take the best of care of items that they Rent, so that items are returned to the Owners in excellent condition.
    To encourage responsible care of items and to partially protect Owners of items for rent, each Owner is able to set a Damage Deposit amount for each rental.
    On the first day of a rental, GroupnShop places a Hold on the Renter's credit card for the Damage Deposit amount. The Hold is Released upon return of the item in good condition.

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